NXTZEN Product Directions



For best results, use on cool surfaces out of direct sunlight.

Wash and rinse vehicle. Apply 1-2 sprays of NXTZEN Easy Dry per panel including glass and trim surfaces. Spread and dry with a NXTZEN Microfibre Drying Towel, wiping away any excess Easy Dry in the process.

NOTE: Avoid allowing Easy Dry to cure in your microfibre towels. Wash drying towels immediately or soak in a 1:40 solution of NXTZEN Super Clean to avoid the fibres becoming hydrophobic.



For best results, apply to a cool, clean surface.

Spray onto a wet or dry surface and buff dry with a microfibre towel. For easy application to intricate surfaces such as wheels, spray Ceramic Xpress on the surface and then rinse thoroughly with a hose or pressure washer.



Use on cool surfaces only and out of direct sunlight. DO NOT allow to dry on the surface before rinsing. 

Suitable for use as a paint decontamination product and brake dust cleaner. Spray NXTZEN Iron Decon onto the surface. Allow to react for up to 2-3 minutes. Iron particles will react and turn purple as they are dissolved from the surface.

For heavily contaminated wheels, agitate with a brush. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Foam Decon


Use on cool surfaces only and out of direct sunlight. DO NOT allow to dry before rinsing.

For pre-wash snow foam, mix NXTZEN Foam Decon with water at 1:40 in your foam cannon. Allow the snow foam to dwell for 2-3 minutes and rinse.

Follow with a bucket wash solution mixed at 1:1000. Rinse thoroughly and dry vehicle immediately with a microfibre drying towel.

Super Clean

Super Clean

Use on cool surfaces only and out of direct sunlight. DO NOT allow to dry on the surface.

Dilute up to 1:40 with water depending on strength required. Test in an inconspicuous area prior to use.

For paint decontamination, dilute at 1:10 and spray liberally on panels. Allow to dwell for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

For delicate interior surfaces, dilute at 1:40. Rinse surfaces with clean water after use. Increase concentration if required for heavily soiled surfaces.

For degreasing and wheel cleaning, use at full strength, allow to dwell for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

NXT Protect

NXT Protect

For use on leather, vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces where a matte/satin finish is desired.

Spray NXT Protect directly onto surface or into a microfibre towel. Spread on the surface to be treated and then buff the surface dry.



Apply NXTZEN DuroGel with a foam applicator to tire sidewalls. Wipe away excess. For more gloss, leave to dry and apply a second coat after 30-60 minutes.


Prep Solvent

DO NOT leave overspray to dwell and dry on paint protection films.

Spray NXTZEN Prep Solvent onto a microfibre cloth or directly on the surface to be cleaned. Spread and buff dry with the microfibre cloth. Repeat until the surface feels smooth and all visible residue is dissolved.



For maximum durability, thoroughly decontaminate the surface using NXTZEN Super Clean and NXTZEN Iron Decon. If bonded surface contamination still exists, perform a claying process and polish if necessary. Wipe the surface clean with NXTZEN Prep Solvent.

365PRO is mixed 9 parts polymer with 1 part crosslinker. If mixing the entire bottle, add entire crosslinker to the main bottle and shake vigorously for 1 minute.

Attach sprayer head to bottle. Apply 365PRO one panel at a time directly to surface or by spraying 2-3 sprays onto a lint free microfibre towel or applicator. Be careful to wipe up any overspray. Surface should appear wet on first application.

Wait 1-2 minutes and remove any excess with a clean microfibre towel. Check for high spots (dark patches) thoroughly in adequate lighting. Repeat until all surfaces completed.

Allow to cure for minimum 6 hours (12 hours in cold conditions) before getting wet. Full chemical resistance achieved within 7 days.

NOTE: NXTZEN 365PRO is a highly reactive polymer and MUST be stored below -5 degrees C (23 F) to extend shelf life after mixing. 



Use on cool surfaces only and out of direct sunlight. Shake before use.

Dilute ZNR 1:1000 with water, or 10-15ml (approx. 0.5oz) in a standard sized wash bucket. Soak your NXTZEN Super Plush microfibre towels or wash mitt in the solution.

Gently clean one panel at a time until the grime has dissolved. For best results, spray 1-2 sprays of NXTZEN Easy Dry to the panel and wipe dry with a microfibre drying towel.



For best results, use on cool surfaces out of direct sunlight. DO NOT allow overspray to dry on the surface. Shake before use. 

ZNR+ 500ml (16.9 oz) is ready to use formulation. For larger, concentrated ZNR+ containers, dilute 1 part ZNR+ concentrate with 10 parts water.

As a waterless wash, spray ZNR+ liberally on the surface one panel at a time and allow to dwell for a minute. Gently wipe away grime with a plush microfibre towel, turning and folding your microfibre frequently. With a second clean microfibre, lightly buff the surface dry.

As a quick detailer, apply 2-3 sprays per panel on a wet or dry surface. Using a microfibre towel, buff the surface dry.